Friday, January 19, 2018

What Happens in Sweden

At the same time Sweden committed to destroying its domestic tranquility by importing third world blacks and Muslims, it became a surveillance powerhouse:
In a 2008 law, the FRA [Sweden's secretive NSA-like security organization] had been given expansive powers by the Swedish government to vacuum up all communications traveling over fiber optic networks into and out of Sweden—including e-mails, text messages, and telephone calls. This was of great interest to the NSA, not least because a large percentage of Russian communications traveled through Sweden. In 2011, the Swedes began sharing their surveillance data with the NSA, which included—as NSA officials described it at the time of the meeting—a “unique collection [of communications data] on high-priority Russian targets such as leadership, internal politics, and energy.”
Good thing we oppose foreign interference in a nation's affairs, or we might be up to all manner of mischief with this intelligence!

How likely is it Swedes are cooperating with the Deep State coup against Trump? The NSA and the FRA are tight:
Noting the Swedish spy agency’s unusual technical abilities and reputation for secrecy, NSA officials also viewed it as an ideal collaborator on its hacking and cyberwarfare project, called Quantum. One of the Quantum programs was an ambitious operation called WINTERLIGHT, which aimed at secretly hacking into high-value foreign computers and computer networks to obtain not only communications data but also any information stored on the hard drives or servers in question. Possible targets might be the administrators of foreign computer networks, government ministries, oil, defense, and other major corporations, as well as suspected terrorist groups or other designated individuals. Similar Quantum operations have targeted OPEC headquarters in Vienna, as well as Belgacom, a Belgian telecom company whose clients include the European Commission and the European Parliament.
Note "other designated individuals" leaves plenty of room for domestic political opposition. WINTERLIGHT hijacks computers, intercepts online data and enables spies to replace web pages and the like with fake ones on target computers.
According to NSA documents, WINTERLIGHT was using a complex attack strategy to secretly implant a malware program on the targeted computer or network. The NSA’s malware would then divert any signals between those computers and the Internet through “rogue” high-speed surveillance servers, called “FoxAcid” servers, allowing the NSA to access in stealth almost any of the user’s personal data—and even to tamper with data traveling from one user to another. The implications for both spying and offensive cyber operations were far-reaching. Wired has described how the attack on the Belgian telecom was able to
[map] out the digital footprints of chosen workers, identifying the IP [internet protocol] addresses of work and personal computers as well as Skype, Gmail and social networking accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Then they set up rogue pages, hosted on FoxAcid servers, to impersonate, for example, an employee’s legitimate LinkedIn profile page.
The Swedes are ambitious and aggressive in their spying. The New York Review of Books article above goes on to note "[s]ignificantly, while WINTERLIGHT was a joint effort between the NSA, the Swedish FRA, and the British GCHQ, the hacking attacks on computers and computer networks seem to have been initiated by the Swedes."

British law and qualms and Sweden's 2008 law freeing up surveillance have allowed Sweden to elbow ahead of the UK and enjoy "bilateral" spying arrangements with the US. The nation's self-styling as the world's "moral superpower" may be debatable, but it's definitely punching above its weight to rank among the surveillance superpowers. How much of this is toadying up to the US and how much of it is driven by its own self-inflicted Muslim terrorist risk? A bit of both I imagine.

The Swedes' work with WINTERLIGHT prompted the NSA to share with it XKeyscore, which it presumably has been doing for the last five years, according to this from 2013:
Firstly, the NSA has granted the Swedish intelligence agency Försvarets Radioanstalt (the National Defense Radio Establishment known as the FRA) access to its XKeyscore program. XKeyscore is the front end that gives NSA agents and contractors the ability to search its huge databases. Using it, Edward Snowden told the Guardian in June, "I, sitting at my desk," he said, could "wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email." 
One particular document found by SVT, headed, "SwedUSA 2013 Strategic Planning Conference" shows that the FRA is seeking an update on a Quantum project known as Winter Light, and that the FRA has access to XKeyscore. 
"If the Swedish FRA now has access to the system, as the Snowden documents Indicate, this suggests that the FRA is all part of the unlimited mass surveillance of millions of people worldwide - including Swedes," reports SVT. Gallagher also suggests, "The English public should be made aware that the FRA has access to the system," alluding to the GCHQ Tempora program that taps the fiber cables between the UK and the US.
Trump's election of course changes the relationship. It would be naive to think there's no cooperation between Swedish and American deep-staters opposed to Trump. At the same time, Trump's political and personal instincts and actions so far indicate he has no problem with aggressive spying, as this week's surveillance bill which pertains directly to such as data derived from Sweden's global hall monitors shows. Neither does his opposition, of course, and the bill is a rare bipartisan win.

It's long been noted Muslim immigration necessitates government surveillance powers and that is a feature not a bug for our hostile elite. It doesn't need to be by design: greater surveillance powers will be turned on indigenous domestic dissent, if that isn't happening already. The surveillance state awaits its Reichstag Fire.

Sweden wants to lead the way. Things will get truly interesting if a genuinely Muslim government comes to power, a la Houellebecq, which I don't think impossible in a place like Sweden someday, thus inheriting the spying apparatus and data.

There's an old saying: "Faster than thin shit through a tall Swede." Thus did things go terribly wrong for the West, historically speaking. Just like that.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Sweden will do whatever it takes, including sending in the army, to end a wave of gang violence that has seen a string of deadly shootings, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said in Wednesday.
Sweden’s murder rate is relatively low in international terms, but gang violence has surged in recent years and Swedes are worried that the police are unable to cope.
In 2016, the latest year for which official statistics are available, 106 people were murdered in Sweden, a country of 10 million.

But Swedish TV reported there were over 300 shootings, mostly in turf battles between gangs over drugs, protection rackets and prostitution.

Four people were shot dead in the first week of this year. One man died after picking up a hand grenade outside a subway station in a suburb of Stockholm.

Law and order is likely to be a major issue in a parliamentary election scheduled for September with the populist, opposition Sweden Democrats linking public concern about the rising crime rate to a large increase in the numbers of immigrants.

“It would not be my first option to bring in the military, but I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure that serious, organized crime is stamped out,” Lofven told news agency TT.
One depressing possibility is that Sweden, having lost control of more and more urban territory as its black population grows, will turn law enforcement in Muslim areas over to autonomous Muslim police forces.

The prime minister is likely not serious about sending in the army, not just because the liberal Swedish government would find it distasteful but because Swedish politics likely already has an American-derived black advocacy impulse: it would be racist.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sex and Betrayal

The public humiliation of Aziz Ansari marks the "me too" sexual inquisition's escalation into prosecuting romantic and sexual disappointment.

Women are compelled to sexual excess at the same time they are absolved of any responsibility for their safety. Birth control enabled widespread sexual license, which has in turn engendered crises for both masculinity and femininity, leaving women largely degenerate and miserable. Maybe it was inevitable feminism would seek to sever female agency from womens' romantic and sexual frustration.

Ansari has defenders and hasn't lost any work, and his significance might be that the inquisition stops short at least of anonymous revenge porn leveled on a prized diversity-celebrity. I'm actually rooting for intersectionality. For Ansari, the problem of where he goes to get his reputation back remains, and what's been done to him is a travesty. Imagine how bad it would be for him if his reputation wasn't already implicitly needle-dicked Indian weirdo.

Feminism tries, despite itself, to perform the traditional female role of protecting women by regulating sex. That feminism depends on sexual liberation, as feminists insist, is an obvious problem. Clearly sexual liberation harms women, vulnerable women the most. Feminism can't drop its commitment to liberation for various reasons, the most shameful of which is commerce, which is increasingly based on individual license and consumption.

So feminism makes lemonade, after a fashion. All that misery is fed back into the narrate-o-matic and comes out as toxic masculinity, which must be corrected, by ever more feminism.

We're liberated from biological responsibility but not from our biological psychology. We're a historical novelty with all this sex and so little reproduction, people indulging the physical and ritual aspects of thwarted reproduction to the point of boredom.

Sexual liberation has liberated women, no one more so, but liberation doesn't equal happiness. Women were promised something, something absurd and unrealistic, by the sexual revolution, just like men: they would have their cake and eat it too. They would be set loose from sexual morality and no harm would come to them. Keeping in mind a woman's idea of "harm" is broader than a man's. Feminism adopts this to politicize emotional harm. Feminism recognizes but won't admit that women are more vulnerable emotionally. It just keeps reinterpreting that vulnerability as oppression.

What to do with a movement that thrives on the fruit of its failure?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Morning in Moscow

Russia Insider comes at the Jewish Question like an icebreaker:
Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.
What government or faction funds Russia Insider? According to the publication:
Russia Insider is a grassroots phenomenon, and sometimes resembles a political movement as much as it does a publication. We exist solely because of small donations from readers. We get no funding from major donors, not to mention governments, foundations, or other organized groups. It is all private individuals. Our single largest donation over the past year was $5000, and the median gift is $30. We raised about $80,000 last year. This gives us the freedom to pretty much say what we want, something that can be said of very few publications, even in the alternative media space, most of whom are beholden to large donors.
Buzzfeed reported on the site's launch in 2014:
Russia Insider, which went live at the beginning of September but only started attracting notice this past week with a video featuring a Russian grandma cajoling Obama to leave Russia alone, is an "effort by a group of expats here in Moscow," said Charles Bausman, an expatriate who has been living in Russia since the early 1990s. Before founding Russia Insider, Bausman worked in private equity at a firm called AVG Capital Partners, which invests in large agribusiness projects. 
"We felt that there was a demand among the reading public for a view of news about Russia that wasn't so critical of Russia," Bausman said. "Since that coincides with what we believe, we started this website." 
Bausman, whose last experience in journalism was as a junior producer in NBC's Moscow bureau after college, says that the website has no relation to and is not funded by the Russian government. 
"I know that that they might be very interested in doing that but we're not interested in that," Bausman said. The site, he said, is "a very amateur operation supported by a bunch of people doing this in their free time." Bausman is seeking to crowdfund the operation or attract investors.
Russia Insider may or may not be financed by the Russian government after all, but ultimately that doesn't matter. I find it more interesting that Russia Insider, in raising the Jewish question, is either what it says it is, a global grassroots speaking truth to Jewish power, or the Russian government forced to conceal its defense against Jewish power, demonstrating its remarkable extent.

Any argument can be taken on its merits, author-less, and understood separately from its exponent's intention or bias. While the source is always relevant, whether someone works for Putin or the US government impinges not at all on the objective merits of an argument, or reporting for that matter.

We are blessed and cursed to live in interesting times.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Black Baby Bodies and You

Gird your loins. Our annual day of silly rhetoric is upon us. Google Doodle, which is now comically consistent in its "inclusive" policy (you'd think it would occur to someone over there it would serve their own cause to, ya know, lighten up for one minute and recognize an achievement that doesn't serve the diversity narrative) reminded me first thing this morning, with a standard icon of the cause, the hopeful, innocent black girl.

Black children became kitsch icons as a result of the civil rights movement. Objectively the average black appears relatively child-like to the average white (though the more respectable he is the more he can't bear to think it). Blacks' child-like nature--otherwise a justification for racism--blends seamlessly into the romantic narrative of black suffering, already psychologically originating in large part in whites' impression of blacks being the superior savage, unhindered by the neuroticism arising from higher awareness.

Likewise black children are more children than yours; more vulnerable, more innocent, more the "hope of the future". Naturally an earnest liberal whitopia will be full of such iconography. Here in Portland a recent mural went up.

Watching the cliche take form I was struck by the tyranny of this imagery. The future belongs to the worthies, the black and brown children, who look on hopefully. The "Spirit of Atlanta" welcomes the world with a spirit of triumphalism:

The over-representation of "diversity" in advertising and municipal art represents a direct assertion to white Americans that the future is not theirs.

But the past has to be hearkened, even for those who hasten the future, and the glorious past for civil rights is getting fainter in the growing miasma it's engendered. Civil rights is a mythology in progress at the same time it remains a political movement (some would say now the proverbial racket) and now a movement with a new challenge, maybe, on the horizon in the form of the alt right.

I've long thought it works in black advocacy's favor that the King family has the unusual arrangement of holding the rights to his recorded speeches, for which it apparently charges a significant fee, thus limiting our exposure to them.

What impressed the earnest and the angry so much back then (if it indeed did) sounds comically dated now. The musical delivery, the pomposity, the earnestness all sound--to me at least--as if they come from a fundamentally remote time, with a commensurately remote understanding of the present. All of this while the substance of the civil rights narrative in the sixties, examined in hindsight, is revealed as hopelessly naive, its egalitarian assumptions disproven and its promise openly betrayed. That must explain all the hopeless air that fills its rhetoric now, its open flight from objective argument.

So let the Megaphone belt out the shrill kitsch. I can take it if they can.

But as for us, as always, we must think of the children.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Questions for Greg Conte

Luke Ford kindly lets me participate in his interview with Greg Conte. Greg was recently fired from a teaching job when his involvement with Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute was revealed.

Hitler: The Rise of Evil. A 2003 Canadian miniseries. Self explanatory title.
Max A 2002 John Cusack film with Noah Taylor as Adolph Hitler, a slightly alternate history casting Hitler as a frustrated artist.

From Luke's blog:

Atlanta Antifa: “Alt-Right Operational Document Shows Planning for Richard Spencer’s Gainesville Visit, Involvement of Would-be Murderers”
A Catholic school substitute teacher in Maryland was fired after his ties to a prominent white nationalist think tank were exposed.
Gregory Conte, a substitute teacher and field hockey coach at the all-girl Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, lost his job when school authorities discovered that he was director of operations at the National Policy Institute, led by white nationalist provocateur Richard Spencer.
Fox5DC reports that Conte had worked at the school since 2014. The school told Newsweek that it had fired him in October when it learnt of his alt-right connections, and not made the issue public “until Mr. Conte made it an issue for himself.”
Conte used the alias Gregory Ritter while working with the NPI and on Twitter, where his profile links to Spencer’s AltRight.Com website. In an August podcast on the site, he discusses attending the notorious Unite the Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, alongside Spencer.
In a January 3 tweet, Conte wrote “Hitler did not commit any crime!”
His association with the NPI was first reported on December 8 by news website Splinter, which claimed he had also overseen the fair hiring practices at a technical recruiting firm in Maryland and formed a company in Wyoming called Tyr 1 Security.
In a letter to parents cited by WJLA, school CEO and president Kathleen Ryan Prebble explained the decision to fire Conte.
“Prior to his firing, he was successfully using an alternate identity in his work with this atrocious group,” she wrote.
“As for his potential impact on our girls, I conducted an investigation at the time of his firing and determined there was no reason to think that he negatively influenced any of our girls with his philosophy,” she continued, stressing “our primary goal is to surround them with adult role models who embody our mission, values, and beliefs.”
In an interview with the network, Conte smoked a cigar and stood by his beliefs.
“Diversity leads to social problems, it leads to conflict, it leads to war,” said Conte, who criticized the school’s parents for not sticking up for him.
“You should’ve stood up for me,” said Conte. “I’ve expressed a slightly out of normal position political opinion. You’re going to throw me by the wayside.”
One student told Fox she was shocked by Conte’s “double life.”
“I’m upset I didn’t know he had this double life but it’s also shocking because I wouldn’t think that in this century that there’s people still like that out there,” the unidentified student said.
A friend says:
I’m attempting to channel the voices of reproach that confronted me as a white person in 2001 when I got to grad school — but I’ve changed white to Jewish:
You’re being awfully Judeo-centric—I mean, week after week, always Torah Torah Torah. Consider other voices.
After all, Jews are doing quite well—there are others who need more immediate justice.
Plus, Judaism is culturally backwards—patriarchal and based on bizarre ancient superstitious pronouncements. Genital mutilation. Consider science!
I mean, we’ve all read *your book*—have you read our stuff? You need to really understand gentile epistemologies. You can’t just pay lip service here… you have to really *listen* to the other.
So called “Jewish values” really just reinforce Jewish power, and the rest of us are tired of it. Living in Jewish neighborhoods—segregation. Jewish day schools.
Even your list of concerns taken together—it’s so narrow in scope, so Judeo-centric. The world is big, Luke! There’s more to it than Jews-this and Jews-that.
Youtube chat below the fold:

Luke Ford's Alt Right Torah Talk Live

Greg Conte didn't make it.. Today's Torah portion would have been Parashas Bo (Exodus 10:1 to 13:16), but we didn't get around to it.
Luke's Youtube channel.
First question: Why do we have to take those from the now proverbial shit hole countries?
9:44 Correction: I mis-identified the Episcopalians in Portland as hanging a Black Lives Matter banner. It is the (who else?) Unitarians downtown.
10:30 Casey's religious journey down south and the Protestant poz.

14:18 Casey challenges Luke's Jewish supremacy, invites him to a tradition of radical inclusion and love.
Chat transcript below the fold (Luke is not the guy who hit Dennis up for money).

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Torah Tomorrow

Tomorrow on Luke Ford's Torah Talk we'll be joined by Greg Conte, who was recently fired from a teaching job after being out as "director of operations" for Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute.

Greg has not taken things lying down:

Here he's interviewed by the normie news about the affair.

Greg hosts NPI's podcast with Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren. Here's their latest:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

But we won't take the Norwegians

Via Steve Sailer's comments I found this gem:

If you vote the right way on Israel no level of chaos can make you a "shit hole country", sir!
What's really funny about this is Bill implies the Haitian government's cynical support is indicative of a greater national and individual character (which is of course measured in support for Israel).

Meanwhile, transplanting enough Jamaicans (who don't really sit around thinking about Israel to be honest) into Bill's (and Bill's relatives') environment is a sure-fire way to turn it into--I believe the term is "shit hole", whereas Norwegians (who are more likely to have some awareness and support for their government's opposition to Israel) would make fine, if dull, neighbors.
The Consequence of Sound, Regina Spektor

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


The Cord

A life I've spent before screens of fury
Among pillars of sound and planes of light
Shrinking below a lowering overcast sky
Where their vaporous residue collects
To blot out a forgotten sun fading
Like a clot of coagulating blood
In this morass of chaos and color
He waits there, beyond our world of artifice
He mocks our shallow fascination
And our fearful, endless diversions
He waits, eternal, and reflects that
In fleeing death we abandon life

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Late Night Alt Right with Luke

"Eight questions for the alt right" and other stupid questions. Chat below fold.


Justin Timberlake is rebranding as a white man, according to somebody in something called The Outline:
A powerline stretches across a backdrop of golden fields. A stem of grain cuts through the sun shining in an empty forest. Justin Timberlake is cold and alone in the woods, staring at something we can’t see. Now he is kneeling in a snowy field, lost in thought and then a second later arms stretched up toward the heavens. Now he is walking fully-clothed through a quiet stream. He is gazing out at some snowy mountains. Next he is on a cliff gazing out over an autumnal wilderness scene. Something is weighing on Justin Timberlake’s mind, but what could it be?

We don’t know yet, but what we do know is Justin Timberlake is now very deep. The trailer for Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods presents the former NSYNC heartthrob looking pensive in various natural settings, hitting every note of the “white man finding himself in the empty West” trope that has long been part of America’s romantic fictional past (and Levi’s commercials). In case the shots of Timberlake running through empty fields that cut to a shot of a band of horses running through snowy mountains aren’t enough, his wife Jessica Biel and his producer Pharrell are there to hammer the point home in a voiceover. “It feels like mountains, trees, campfires, like Wild West, but now,” says Biel. “It just feels so earthy,” says Pharrell shortly before a black and white shot of him in a studio pronouncing something, presumably a song from the album, as “a smash.
Here's the video


Well it's certainly chock full of implicit white concepts, which the Outline lists in order of offense. Objectively, the imagery of the stage show and the outdoors co-exist clumsily. Nothing evokes a wheat field less than a lit stage, and vice versa.

Timberlake is from Tennessee, and has always been appropriating an urban aesthetic. White stars have resorted to country and whiter genres later in their career in the past, after having appropriated an urban aesthetic in a fashion to which conventional culture is increasingly hostile. Timberlake might be one of the last of a type: the white performer of black popular music. Timberlake's career pivot can also be seen as bailing out of an increasingly untenable persona, politically and socially.

Appropriation will eventually be stamped out. But branding as a white person isn't really allowed either. As the Outline article ends, Timberlake will "...only have to live with himself for pandering to a whiter America."
Pandering to a more chromatic America will be greatly restricted for whites--who will, in all likelihood, become less interesting to diverse American audiences, though I expect white characters will retain a certain interest despite it all because, when it's all said and done, whites are frankly more interesting than the vibrant.

I think of us as being in the appropriation phase of civil rights, where the seizure of material and cultural wealth is systematized (and blurred--barring white men from Star Wars or whatever is both). There are aspects to it. There's the campaign for "inclusion" such as forcing diversity on such as Star Wars. There's also a regulatory function developing. From Slate via Steve Sailer:
How “sensitivity readers” are changing the publishing ecosystem—and raising new questions about what makes a great book.
By Katy Waldman
… When she began to craft her second novel, The Upside of Unrequited, about twin sisters navigating the shoals of high school romance, she was determined not to make the same mistake. And so before her manuscript went to print, she reached out to a group of “sensitivity readers.” These advising angels—part fact-checkers, part cultural ambassadors—are new additions to the book publishing ecosystem. Either hired by individual authors or by publishing houses, sensitivity readers are members of a minority group tasked specifically with examining manuscripts for hurtful, inaccurate, or inappropriate depictions of that group.
The monetization of such regulatory functions is a promising growth industry within the civil rights racket. As Sailer says of his "voluntary auxiliary thought police"--who've been at it a while--they increasingly want to "go pro". The lack of real and meaningful work out there and the likely chaotic nature of the average volunteer thought cop must only magnify their desire.
Interesting times ahead.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Luke Ford Interview with Evan McLaren of the National Policy Institute

Today we're talking with Evan McLaren of the National Policy Institute.


From Luke's blog:
[Luke's] questions for Evan:
* How did you get red-pilled?
* Did you join the Bar?
* How did getting red-pilled affect your relationships with friends and family? Your dating life?
* Tell me about the guys on Alt Right Politics podcast.
* Do Jews have a role to play in the Alt Right?
* What have you learned from your dealing with the media and watching Richard deal with them?
* Have you managed to stay out of feuds?
* What’s your racial background?
* What’s your religious background?
* Question to Evan McLaren. Has he ever met a high IQ or well read nazi/neonazi?
* Do Jewish Ultra Zionists and people like Luke Ford belong in the AltRight?
* Homos and the Alt Right?
How urgent is the demographic & political crisis in America? How long do you think ya’ll have before you miss the window and doom is inevitable?
One of the tropes or platitudes of the alt-right critique of things is that Jews push for multiculturalism while maintaining an ethnic nation-state. But, Israel is quite young, historically – and Jews seemed to advocate for multiculturalism even before Israel was theirs… are they onto something? Maybe whites could simply band together within various multicultural nation-states, the way Jews have, and survive the ravages of time that way? –making the ethno-state unnecessary.
What do you think of the Civil Rights Legislation that forces businesses to cater to people in a non-discriminatory way? Is that a violation of the right to voluntary association? Are all-white private clubs like Augusta National Golf Course (until 1990) illegal?
Why/how do you think public education became so implicitly globalist & explicitly multiculturalist?
Richard Spencer seems to try to avoid or dodge questions about what the standards of the white ethnostate might be… he’s not particularly religious, and neither are most of the alt-right figureheads. But what will white morality be based on, if not “Judeo-Christian” traditionalism? For instance, whites have led the whole world in liberalizing sexual morality, yet many in the alt-right fantasize about reversing same-sex marriage and similar progressive sex stuff… but why would you think whites will ever do that? Muslims, yes—but whites?
Sargon embarrassed himself, and I can’t stand Jordan Peterson’s talk about “the individual,” but at bottom, there is some deep – even “identitarian” – part of me that wants to reserve the right to dissent. Spencer, bravely perhaps, has favored more communitarian forms of governing… and as a weirdo contrarian, I need to know that I’ll be allowed to dispute damn near everything once I’m stuck in the ethno-state.
* This week’s Torah portion is Va’era and it tells the story of the first seven plagues against Egypt. Chat transcript below the fold.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Torah, Torah, Torah

Evan McLaren, head of Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute, joins us tomorrow on Luke Ford's Torah Talk. View it on Luke's channel to join the live chat. 9 AM Pacific. Noon Eastern, to spare you the trouble of adding three.

Evan on Twitter: @EvanMclaren
From Luke's blog here's an article on Evan from The Intercept:
Spencer was editing TakiMag when McLaren began blogging there, but left in 2009 to start, a site best known for the name that would attempt to rebrand the far right.
Spencer and McLaren never lost contact, McLaren said: “I would coordinate activity with him or meet up with him. I was definitely still affiliated with the movement, at least privately.” 
As he nurtured these relationships, McLaren turned to white nationalist ideologues based in Europe for their thoughts. According to his Goodreads account, McLaren read books by Pierre Krebs, founder of the Thule-Seminar, a far-right German party whose name references the Thule Society, an organization that aided the rise of the Nazi Party, and another volume called “North American New Right,” a journal compiled by North Americans currently living in Budapest who sought to rebuke multiculturalism and push racial purity.
Then, McLaren’s online trail went cold. With his white nationalist views largely in place, McLaren pursued a different path: civil servant. The Cumberland County district attorney has recently engaged in allegedly discriminatory practices. 
Activists have hinted darkly about the white nationalist "connection" established by Evan's internship.
 According to his LinkedIn profile, McLaren’s employment history shows a yearlong job as a law clerk at the Republican District Attorney David Freed’s office in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, which ended in April. The links between McLaren and the DA’s office were first reported by Injustice Today, a publication of the Fair Punishment Project.
Freed said McLaren held no power at the office. “McLaren assisted with legal research and summary (minor) offenses in traffic court,” Freed told The Intercept. “McLaren had no discretionary role in this office, he simply performed tasks as assigned.”
McLaren responded that he didn’t think Freed knew him. “He’s a good DA, and he strikes me as a nice guy,” McLaren said.
Freed added that the district attorney’s office will improve its vetting procedures for hiring interns. “Prior to this experience, we have not looked too closely at social media backgrounds of interns (as opposed to paid clerks), as long as they are in good standing with their law school,” he said. “That has changed.”
The Cumberland County district attorney, however, has recently engaged in allegedly discriminatory practices. An American Civil Liberties Union-Pennsylvania report from 2015 found that the office “ranks as one of the most aggressive forfeiters in the state,” taking in more than $400,000 in two years from civil asset forfeiture, a process whereby law enforcement seizes property from individuals alleged — not charged or convicted — to have committed crimes. The ACLU-Pennsylvania report also found that African-Americans are 18 times more likely to be the target of forfeiture than other races.
Here's ProPublica's bombshell expose revealing Unite the Right organizers anticipated and prepared for violence:
 Nearly a month before a car driven by an alleged neo-Nazi plowed into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12, white supremacists planning the “Unite the Right” rally joked about using vehicles to run over their opponents.
...Evan McLaren, executive director of Richard Spencer’s white supremacist National Policy Institute, argued in an interview that what he characterized as “irreverent banter” was “not relevant to what happened” and did not spur the violence in Charlottesville.
There was some noise by Av Gutman via Huffpo opposing Evan's right to practice law in Pennsylvania:
In late July, 1,301 law school graduates took the Pennsylvania Bar Examination to get a license to practice law in the State of Pennsylvania. Of those, almost 1,000 passed and are one step closer to call themselves esquires. Each one of these lawyers has a different dream. Some took the bar exam to join the corporate world, while others to become public defenders or prosecutors. 
One man, Evan McLaren, took the bar exam to become the “legal warrior” of the White Nationalist movement, and the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners should reject his admission. According to Board’s Admission Rules, admission to the bar is dependent on an “absence of prior conduct by the applicant which in the opinion of the Board indicates character and general qualifications (other than scholastic) incompatible with the standards expected to be observed by members of the bar of this Commonwealth.” 
State bars usually reject applicants due to a criminal record, untreated mental illness and substance abuse, lack of candor, or financial irresponsibility. Almost 40 states have reciprocity with Pennsylvania, which allows other states to admit lawyers from Pennsylvania after a period of time.

The Pennsylvania Bar recently rejected Parthiv Patel, seemingly for his status as an undocumented immigrant and grantee of former Pres. Obama’s DACA program. (The ACLU of Pennsylvania is helping Patel with his case, which is currently pending.)
If the Pennsylvania Bar accepts McLaren, it sends the message that a man like Mr. Patel is somehow “worse” than him because of immigration status alone. 
McLaren, who graduated this year from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, describes himself as being “dedicated to the preservation of white heritage and identity.” He insists that Jews do not fit the definition of “white,” claims that rap music is the “cesspool where black music has been festering for about twenty-five years now,” and recently retweeted a tweet implying that transgender people are “dogs.” When McLaren found out he passed the bar exam, he stated that “I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam. Hail victory!” ― using the English translation of the famous Nazi rallying chant, “Sieg heil!” A Twitter user congratulated him and added “we need more legal warriors,” to which McLaren responded, “yes we do.”

If that was not enough to cause alarm, McLaren spends his days as Richard Spencer’s right-hand-man. He is the executive director of Spencer’s white nationalist “think-tank.” This is the same Richard Spencer who led 200 people in chanting “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory” while performing a Nazi salute, was described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “kind of professional racist in khakis,” and co-organized a white supremacists’ torch march on Charlottesville. Heather Hayer was killed in that march after a white supremacist hit her with his car, but McLaren expressed denial, insisting that Heyer was not even in the collision.
Fulcrum of the moral universe, thy name is Heather Heyer.

Apparently Richard Spencer recently embarrassed Sargon of Akkad, a popular podcaster, in debate, a blow for something called the "skeptic" community:


 Akkad's performance suggests if Shakespeare had only known, he would have written "first, we kill all the libertarians."

Ugly as Portland

The newer the uglier in Portland, generally speaking.

A post shared by Dennis Dale (@eladsinned) on

A post shared by Dennis Dale (@eladsinned) on
Brutalist style engulfing seventies aesthetic. Serious contender for ugliest.

But the winter light today was forgiving:

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Plus ca Change

The present state of American politics, in which a powerful elite cultivates the resentments of the lower moral classes--gays, trannies, minorities, anyone with a grudge against normality--to wage war on the hated middle class, what Steve Sailer calls the "high/low against the middle", is a dangerous perversion of a practice nearly as old as the emergence of the bourgeois as an alternative.

The elite takes allies wherever it finds them. American democracy has so perverted things that it now finds them among the disaffected and alienated. This is altogether new.
Middle class power is democracy channeled through material and communal interest. Our current individualistic populism,"people power" in the old sixties phrase, is democracy channeled through individual ambitions, desires and resentments.
But the durability of the triad--like so many things, a trinity--of two classes combining against one is striking.

From Manners, Customs and Dress of the Middle Ages by Paul Lacroix:
In no case could a community [civic bodies of middle class citizens] such as this exist without the sanction of the King, who placed it under the safeguard of the Crown. At first the kings, blinded by a covetous policy, only seemed to see in the issue of these charters an excellent pretext for extorting money. If they consented to recognize them, and even to help them against their lords, it was on account of the enormous sacrifices made by the towns. Later on, however, they affected, on the contrary, the greatest generosity towards the vassals who wished to incorporate themselves, when they had understood that these institutions might become powerful auxiliaries against the great titular feudalists; but from the reign of Louis XI., when the power of the nobles was much diminished, the kings turned against their former allies, the middle classes, and deprived them successively of all the prerogatives which could prejudice the rights of the Crown.

Friday, January 05, 2018


Mainte fleur épanche à regret
Son parfum doux comme un secret 
Dans les solitudes profondes.
--Le Guignon, Charles Baudelaire

These flowers exhale one long lament
Their unique essence a secret spent
On profound solitude's witness
--Ill Fortune, (my translation)

Modern life means you can reject the world and still live in it. You can check out of society easier than ever and, say, live alone without starving. You might even thrive, after a fashion. It's a viable option, and I wouldn't be surprised if marketers have a name for it.

You can arrive at the solitary life by degrees, out of absent-mindedness. The momentous choice is obscured by the fact it comes on centipede legs, in the form of countless aggregated trivial choices, little minor retreats. They get easier and easier.

Isolation itself is now loud and lurid. Endless petty distractions and pleasures lure and then keep the isolate in his little den waiting for death, the denial of which drove him there in the first place. He's cornered. There is no point facing up to it at this point. Insulated in the glow of electronic light he creates a simulacrum of a life, one more to his taste, if bitterly false.

Lost in the dread is the moral decision made in checking out. The isolate is a miser who hoards and wastes his essence, because he doesn't like the price it will fetch. In our atomized, individualistic society there is no pressure on him to join in; his choice is as valid as any other. But is it? Or rather should it be?

Nature is indifferent; society shouldn't be. But for our unprecedented personal liberty we pay the price of an indifferent society.

It's exacted via the absurdity of the unshared experience. The isolate has no witness to his life but himself. There's a gnawing suspicion it matters--but it shouldn't (maybe he thinks), because, if God doesn't exist for one He doesn't exist for two. His retreat from society is a retreat from death. Other mortal beings remind him of his own mortality and physicality--with its attendant illnesses and degradations.

In choosing to face mortality alone he must come upon beauty alone. This is his curse. He piles up the moments whereupon he's moved, and he's alone. Now he sees the price. Beauty is gelded by melancholy.
He has a companion after all, regret. Don't let it happen to you. If you have to, run out into the street and collar somebody.
"Listen to me, you bastard!"

Spend yourself fruitfully.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Alt Right Torah with Luke Ford

Google Hangouts was buggy from the start today so there are three separate broadcasts. But Vivian was here so that makes up for it. Casey lurked in chat. Today's reading is Parasha Shemot (Exodus 1-6).
I've put the entire chat transcript, which Luke always helpfully includes on his blog, below the fold. Our viewers are very few but sharper still.
I join Luke in the second broadcast.

Today opens with the question: what is the state of the alt right? Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Friday, December 29, 2017

Catholicism is Gay

Was the abomination that has become of the Catholic Church inevitable due to its celibate order?

Was the abomination that has become of Christianity generally also inevitable due to the preponderance of gay ministers?

My impression is the priesthood and the secular ministry alike attract gay men. Ritual and aesthetic devotion appeal to the same sensibility that produces the gay aesthete. The rites appeal to gay male congregants as well for the same reason. The repressed gay Catholic can sublimate his homosexual desire in a ritual order that has meaning and beauty.

It was inevitable that gay men would come to preponderate (I suspect dominate) not only in the priesthood but in its upper reaches. Behind the scenes there's probably a struggle between a gay and a genuine celibate faction, between competing gay cliques.

But what it can't have is a family faction, of men with children who have the same concerns as their parishioners. The Church has no skin in the game.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

That Obscure Object of Desire

Obama rose to prominence and eventually the presidency on the basis of a platitudinous and dishonest speech given at the 2004 Democratic political convention whereupon he, to a joyous reception, declared old America was dead and a new, multicultural but united America had risen in its place. Rapturous Democrats believed against all reason.
Once in office, he forgot all about unity and, as he saw what he could get away with, gradually turned up the demagogy, leaving us with the nightmare of Black Lives Matter and a nation more divided than ever. If Obama's presidency sought "unity" to call it a failure wouldn't be fair--it's more like a con.

The other misconception regarding Obama was the assumption of ability. A sort of premium is added to black achievement. Individually whites eager to prove their anti-racist bona fides gush over the barest signs of brilliance. Organizations needing to avoid discrimination litigation promote second-rate black talent ahead of its worth. It's become a running joke. Neil DeGrasse Tyson becomes "Black Science Man" and Barack Obama's hand-job of a speech becomes "transcendent".

It's otherwise reasonable to assume anyone who reaches the presidency is a high-achieving, high-energy sort, because of what it takes to get there. Barack Obama was propelled to the presidency by forces largely beyond his control (but certainly not his approval). His predecessor was carried along by the institutional corruption of the Republican Party. He was carried along by the cultural corruption of the Democratic Party. Both have demonstrated a successful presidency doesn't depend on competence or energy, but on a compliant media and political parties. Either administration can be seen as very successful politically and very bad overall for the nation, each in its own way.

The individual Obama acolyte is never going to think this. They assume that outside the office he's still this powerful intellect and force, whose motivations and reasons we mortals can only dimly sense.

They've pleaded with him to take up the fight against Trump. In October Esquire published a bizarre rant castigating Obama for not utilizing his Numinous Negro superpowers to undo Trump:
 Those institutions are not capable of withstanding these assaults much longer without cracking. The people in the country know this, or, at the very least, except for the 35 percent who are the real cargo-cultists out there, they sense it deeply in their bones. They feel the deepening acceleration of the spiral. The Democratic Party doesn’t have the power to lead and the Republican Party doesn’t have the will and, even at its best, the media is overmatched by the sheer magnitude of bullshit this administration shovels out as a matter of course every hour of every day. This is absolutely no time for the most eloquent voices in society to be on the bench.

So why, sir? Why in the hell are you out there giving speeches to motherfcking bankers in motherfcking Brazil? As the NYT reports
Because, like the man said, that's where the money is. Such questions!

Obama's post-presidency resembles the social media campaign of a recently spurned lover determined to show how happy and fabulous his life is: here's a photo of me hang-gliding! Here I am hanging out with a billionaire!

An occasional tweet has been the near-full extent of his opposition to Trump, when his supporters seemed to think he would destroy the monster with a few laser-like words.
Until then, they'll always have memories, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. No White House photographer has been such an integral part of an administration:
...a new $50 coffee table book by former White House photographer Pete Souza, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, is selling so fast the publisher can’t keep up.
“That shows the immediate nostalgia that we have for Barack Obama, given the dramatic contrast between him and his successor,” Updegrove said.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

Arvo Part, Christmas Lullaby

Hate Tracker Tracker

Via Steve Sailer, what's "trending" in "hate" this [expletive deleted] Eve:

Also sighted: suspicious white male abusing a team of reindeer while delivering culturally inappropriate toys genderizing and otherizing innocent children. Possible Christian extremist.

Merry Torah Time

Today's reading is Parasha Vayechi, Genesis 47:28–50:26.

Seeing death approach, Jacob requests to be returned to Canaan to be buried among his own. Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, and his own sons. Typical Old Testament hierarchical division of roles occurs as the Twelve Tribes are created. Jacob is buried at Macphelah (Hebron) where Jewish legend holds he remains today in the Cave of the Patriarchs on land Abraham bought to bury Sarah.
This is the shortest of the Torah portions.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Ghosts of Christmas Future

[transcript of broadcast recording, c 2048]

And now a holiday message from President Thanyear Feltwine He-Him.

Good evening my fellow Newmericans. Tonight Vice President Tal-Numina Xe-Xir and I begin by acknowledging the Nacotchtank people, upon whose stolen land this capitol stands. We acknowledge the Algonquin people who are the traditional custodians of this land and pay respect to elders past and present of the Algonquin Indian Nation. Nici sigi psach ke-yin, Dich m'djel mieol wagh nuch

I extend that respect to other Native people present, and for the profound contributions they have made to Newmerica.

We acknowledge the descendants of African slaves...

[broadcast fails for 9 minutes 30 seconds, resumes]

...for the profound contribution of Islam to Newmerica...

[broadcast fails, resumes at 7 minutes 29 seconds]

...for the many injustices suffered by Pacific Islanders in the United States...

[broadcast fails, resumes at 9 minutes] finally harnessing the incredible power of that diversity we'll be able to restore electricity in virtually all of the Eastern Seaboard by the next holiday season.

Good night and good luck to the New State of America. Thank you.
Alt Right Torah Talk will broadcast at its usual time tomorrow, 9 AM Pacific.
Mississippi John Hurt, Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Friday, December 22, 2017

First they came for the leering studio heads and I did not speak out...

Google's Eric Schmidt is the latest to fall to the sexual inquisition. It isn't who they're going after now, but what. Guys with anything to be pilfered away by the current frenzy had better not even think about cheating. Sort of takes all the point out of success:
Schmidt is a known womanizer despite being married for 37 years to Wendy Schmidt, who said in 2012 they started living separate lives because she felt like “a piece of luggage” following him around the world. 
News outlets have been sniffing around Schmidt’s former flames looking for a Harvey Weinstein-like bombshell, a source close to Schmidt told The Post. But sources say there’s nothing there. 
“They haven’t found s–t. Because there is no sexual harassment. There has never been any issue. They have had nothing. People have looked into it and people have not found anything,” the source said. 
The source added that if something foul was afoot, Google would have canned Schmidt completely. 
“Why would they keep him on the board, then have to do this all over again?” the source asked. 
Another source close to Schmidt said that any rumors of sexual harassment were “totally not true.” 
But the insider could not deny Schmidt’s well-documented romantic past and said the techie’s entanglements were “consensual” and that there are “no complaints” against the exec or “settlements” from the company.
This seems a notable escalation. At this rate I predict someone will go down early in the new year for refusing to give oral sex.

Ironic that it's as if feminism, despite itself, was ultimately all about this: getting that cheating bastard. Feminism is women trying to do what they've always done, regulate sexuality, against the current of the same sexual revolution that spawned it. The sexual revolution is untenable, but no one wants to admit it.

Doubly ironic is the purge's origins, in my opinion at least, in the "pussy hat" movement protesting President Trump as a sexual abuser. I believe it to be a necessary, if not the ultimate, cause of the current hysteria.

 Once Harvey Weinstein's brother or other rival leaked the story of his behavior to the media a fire was lit. The pussy hat movement had swept through the culture like Santa Ana winds, turning the landscape to tinder. Weinstein's behavior had long been no secret, after all. There's a reason it took off now, and that reason is Donald Trump. Ashley Judd's just-short of unhinged performance at an anti-Trump rally makes sense now, knowing she was one of Harvey's objects of desire. The actress was channeling big time.

Sadly, men as a group will forever be atoning for men as individuals.

Another thing to remember is the non-hysterical part of the hysteria: for every one of these fellows knocked off his perch there's someone looking to take his place, usually orchestrating it.

Tongue Tied

It dangled from a branch for days, wrapped with bright ribbons and studded with large nails and oversize safety pins.
It weathered and hardened from gray-black to a leathery brown. From a distance, as professionals and students walked past the tree at the west end of Palmer Square Park to trains and buses each morning, it could have been mistaken for a hanging length of bark. But within 10 feet, it was clearly something else: a footlong tongue.
Why was a tongue, likely a cow’s, so carefully disfigured and displayed near the luxury apartments and condominiums in rapidly gentrifying Logan Square? In a neighborhood that’s now home to loads of 20-something hipsters, it could be an elaborate performance art piece or a joke. 
But Logan Square and nearby Humboldt Park have much longer histories as working-class enclaves filled with first- and second-generation immigrants, so another possibility presents itself.
Tongues have long played roles in Afro-Caribbean religions like Santeria. The symbolic engine of speech, a tongue can be used in many such faiths to try to get someone to remain silent, according to Lisa Poirier, an assistant professor of religious studies at DePaul University. 
“Often it has to do with a court case,” Poirier said. “You can take a tongue and bind it up to get someone to shut up.”
 Are Santerians joining the fight against gentrification? Was the tongue just there to get the hipsters to shut up, for maybe five effin minutes, about the latest greatest cable series?
More likely it's a personal dispute involving gossip or snitching. But there's no fun in that.
Such practices flourished for centuries among enslaved populations in North and South America and the Caribbean who didn’t believe police and judges would treat them fairly, Poirier said.
“They had to find these religio-magical ways to bring about the ends they sought,” she said. “You could put a name on a piece of paper and put it inside the tongue, then seal it in with pins, but you wouldn’t necessarily need to do that,” she said. “You could just have someone’s name in your mind as you dealt with the tongue, bound it up.
“The logic is clear,” she added. “There’s a clear connection between the tongue and speech, and you can find the things you need in an urban setting like Chicago. Cow tongues are easily available.” 
I can get you a toe, Dude. I can get you a toe this afternoon.

The clear "logic" is actually homeopathic magic, attempting to influence events or control people through mimicry--here the ritual tying up of the cow tongue ties the tongue of the target by the law of similarity.
Of course, all roads now lead to racial justice, so the stubbornly benighted nature of blacks and browns is--need I say it?--the fault of white laws.
Poirier said that despite the shocking appearance, it’s not that out of the ordinary, even today. “It’s sort of widespread throughout the Americas,” she said. “It speaks to the fact there are still people who feel they won’t get a fair shake in the justice system.”
It remains to be seen how much more normalization of voodoo and superstition will be necessitated by our new diversity. The expectation that it will wither away over generations, which would have been taken for granted, probably can't be articulated without controversy now. Now the expectation is that we'll bring any new religion or culture into the "mosaic" of American diversity, unaltered and celebrated as Vibrant! Make a little room, Lutheranism, there's another brotherhood of faith here.

The practitioners of voodoo may have magic on their side, but up against real estate equity they haven't a chance. It's only a matter of time. The shocked reaction of suburban Americans to the witch doctors and others displaced by gentrification in their midst will provide plenty of grist for the anti-racism mill--from the same poseurs who displaced the diversitypes in the first place.  How dare those losers not tolerate this tradition that's every bit as venerable as any other?
Walking near Palmer Square Park while the tongue was still in place, local resident Marina Goldshteyn noted the area’s shifting demographics. 
“I know the neighborhood is changing a lot, but it hasn’t entirely,” she said. The cow tongue, however, is no more. A Chicago Park District worker noticed the tongue and cut it down earlier this week.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"In the year three thousaaaaaand....!"

"Well private collections are a problem, certainly. We have no idea how many are out there. What constitutes a collection, also, is a legitimate question."
Herbert perked up at this.
"Yes. That's my concern. Say a guy has, in the classic example, an old newspaper announcing the moon landing..."
Genero looked at him with sly sympathy.
"Well, if this friend of yours had only that, and just that, while he'd be in clear violation, it's not like they're going to come busting down his door. As long as it doesn't circulate, he's not going to get into trouble."
"But he could be arrested."
"Yes. Of course. Look what they got that last fellow for, what was he, chairman of the national bank or something? It was a stack of old pornographic magazines. It wasn't even political stuff, they were more in the line of curiosities."
"Aren't they all really?"
Herbert asked hopefully.
"No. No. There's still some very dangerous stuff out there. Even the sort of stuff in the chairman's collection, there were to be found political articles expounding the most dangerous ideas. Something of a political nature would be a stew of toxic expression."
Herbert regretted the intrigue in his voice.
Genero continued.
"But I point him out only to note they had some reason to come after him and the collection was a pretext."
"They say everybody possessing any text is in violation."
"Any text older than sixty years, even the most banal. That's in there. But it it's not quite everything."
"And images?"
"Well there's no reason to worry about photographs, paintings or the like yet, of course, but you know President Feltyear He-Him said just the other night, the international direction is clearly toward the gradual cleaning up and elimination..."
"So, with the inclusion of imagery, it might become true that virtually everyone is in violation of the International Convention on Intolerance and Hate Communication?"
"That's an exaggeration. But it isn't such a bad thing. Everyone has something on them. Everyone has a stake in making things work--because everyone is on notice not to screw up or, worse, go over to the wreckers."
"What did he do, anyway?"
"The bank chairman."
"Who cares?"

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I deleted my Twitter account yesterday, exhausted by the pointlessness of it all. I saw a tweet of mine, something I thought clever, had been retweeted by one of my dozens of followers to his dozens of followers and I was plunged into an oh-so-familiar bout of mediocrity-induced depression. It's not fun to suck. I'm not going to suck anymore--not on Twitter, at least.

I'm not wasting any more time on it. What I'd like to do now is a podcast. Looking for a partner.

I will continue to participate in Torah Talk with Luke Ford of course, until they wise up and throw me out. The idea is to do a short one of my own as well once a week. Two guys talking in a humorous fashion about things.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Alternative Torah with Luke Ford

Evan McClaren of NPI couldn't join us as intended but a good show nonetheless.

Today's Torah reading is Parashas Vayigash (Genesis 44:18–47:27) Join the live chat at Luke's YouTube Channel.

Joseph brings his family to Egypt and they begin taking over.

Last week we talked about Joseph as the prototypical court Jew. His brothers sell him into slavery for his arrogance after he prophesies he'll rule over them, and the very stars in the sky will bow down to him. Hard to blame them too much.

But Joseph comes to Pharaoh's attention after interpreting a pair of his dreams--in the only bible passage I can think of where a non-Hebrew's dreams are brought into the narrative. Because of his superior intelligence Joseph ends up running Egypt for a grateful Pharaoh. He sets about storing Egyptian grain to withstand the seven year famine that he prophesied from Pharaoh's dreams.

His brothers, suffering the same famine in Canaan, come to Egypt to buy grain. They find themselves before Joseph in his capacity as Pharaoh's minister and do not recognize him. After some typically Old Testament subterfuge he reveals himself to them, forgives them and invites them to bring their aged father Jacob (Israel) to Egypt.

In this week's section Joseph presents five of his "weaker" brothers before Pharaoh, instructing them to tell Pharaoh they're shepherds, not traders in livestock. Shepherds are disdained--but they aren't an economic threat. Pharaoh gives them a choice piece of land and tells Joseph to put the capable among them in charge of his livestock. The Jewish elite is developing, having arrived via chain migration.

Joseph has wisely stocked up on grain to withstand the famine, and now he's trading that grain for livestock and other forms of capital--the wealth of the land steadily being transferred into his hands until at last landholders have sold their land to Pharaoh for grain. Egypt is a country of slaves, with a foreign elite at its head. I don't think the Egyptians of the time needed fascism, anti-Semitic tropes or Donald Trump to have felt some gnawing sense of resentment, to say the least.

But the Torah doesn't have anything to say about that.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Careful What You Bitch For

Feminism rescued woman from her dependence on men. Nevertheless she persisted. She keeps persisting away at depending on men.

Beneath all the noise the ongoing Hollywood sexual harassment scandal documents the present of an age-old practice, women depending on sex to advance in male-dominated fields (and they're all male-dominated).

That's why "male dominated fields" exist in the first place. They're just vast, organized efforts to meet women.

There is a disparity in power for the women of course. Feminism is an attempt to correct that. Earnest feminists assume the power disparity is yet another trick of the patriarchy, and its elimination won't come at a cost but with a yield: all that female creativity previously denied bursting forth, presumably.

Mostly at this point feminists don't care. All "rights" movements are in the appropriation phase, what Steve Sailer has called the "Scramble for America": each politically favored group scrambling for its fair share of the ruin before the others hog it all up.

But the power disparity in the sex-for-advancement scheme exists for good reason: it's a lot harder for the male to get where he is than the female, who competes in a too-brief window of high value attractiveness against a sea of beautiful eager faces. What the male has to trade is essentially power that translates into a variety of opportunity (including the competing females); the female is trading her intimate self for just a piece of that. The woman who leverages that into her own genuine power is real but rare. More common I'm sure is the young homosexual twink who manages to do so.
Women simply won't tend toward the same aggressive/creative behavior in general that put the guys where they are in the first place.

It's all so depressingly obvious.

The inquisition is ruining it all. Not just for the men, but for the young women who were or would like to be complicit. Hollywood is driving away all those horny creative men that are the backbone of the industry. They are not going to replace them with women, woke transsexuals and gay negroes. Wake the hell up, ladies.

But replacement is precisely the game. The model is that of the university race or rape hoax yielding diversibucks and jobs: X group is deemed offended by Y, only correction for Y is more X.
The only way we're going to solve Hollywood's sexual assault problem is by putting more women in Hollywood. And the opportunities for that look promising--replacing men with women, not "solving" a sexual assault problem, which of course could just get worse.

By forbidding any criticism of the women involved (unless it's the rare case of a powerful woman adopting the male model) feminism seeks to maintain a natural advantage desirable women have always had. But in taking away this opportunity for ambitious men, and in driving so many out of an industry the face of which is already changed, they are squelching a great source of advancement for ambitious young women.

The naive assumption of course is that women will be replacing these men in, say, Hollywood, with no lack of decline in quality or profit--nay, with a certain increase in both.

But the reality is to the extent feminism appropriates Hollywood it weakens it, which, big-picture now, might not be such a bad thing. Because of all the feminism Hollywood puts out.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Misogyny and the Alt Right

Spencer Quinn at Counter Currents relates a personal story in relation to prominent alt right women complaining of being attacked online:
My trip to the bank about a month ago was somewhat unusual, and I knew it would require special attention from a teller...I couldn’t believe that this person was the person with whom I was about to interact. What I was seeing was a beautiful woman. She seemed in her mid-twenties, about five feet seven or eight inches tall. She had exquisitely smooth and lustrous brown hair, arresting brown eyes, and a classic movie-star beauty which reminded me of a young Ingrid Bergman. As I was preparing myself to deal with such a stunning specimen of womanhood, I asked myself, “Why is she here? Why is she not working for a modeling agency selling perfume or diamonds?” 
I asked this because in my line of work and the circles in which I travel, you don’t often find jaw-droppingly beautiful women who are just standing there waiting for you to come up and talk to them. During our encounter I had to look away from her a few times because I didn’t want it to seem as if I, a happily-married husband and father, were mooning over a girl practically young enough to be my daughter. (The temptation was there, believe me.)

Anyway, she was perfectly nice and professional, and our entire transaction took about ten minutes. I left the bank satisfied that I had completed that errand and was free to run the next one. Yet as I stepped into the parking lot, I experienced a thoroughly unwelcome emotion, one I hadn’t experienced in a long time: heartache. A nice, jarring stab of it, too. And this wasn’t even mature, manly heartache, the kind no one could really blame me for having. No, no, this was a return of the angsty, juvenile heartache that everyone over thirty wants to forget. This was the heartache that plagued countless lonely nights throughout my pretty goddamn pathetic youth. I remember them well.

I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

Of course, I never once felt any resentment or anger towards the nice girl at the bank. But I knew she was the cause of this heartache. But how? Why? The answer came to me immediately: she never smiled at me. Not once. For me, she was nothing less than a vision, the epitome of what the human form can attain. For her, however, I was just another customer, deserving of prompt service and common courtesy and nothing more. This beautiful creature couldn’t even spare me a single solitary smile. Realizing this made me feel so mean.
One thing feminists didn't conjure entirely out of thin air is misogyny. Males experience evolutionary despair (felt as heartache) at being exposed to desirable females who are not available to them.
Young men now are subjected to endless titillation in an environment, for the regular straight white guy at least, that must feel increasingly competitive and hostile, due to the ongoing migration of females into demographic alternatives.

Sexual liberation has only increased the risk of sexual violence for women in an environment saturated with suggestion. At the same time it subjects young men to a sort of protracted torture of sexual teasing.

Male sexual rage is a biological response to losing out in the evolutionary struggle.
It's evolutionary terror, a mortal fear. Just as you fearfully anticipate your own death you fearfully anticipate your genetic line dying off in the next generation. That feeling in your stomach is a physical epiphany.

Quinn sees in his reaction to the beautiful bank teller--a reaction we all know--the motivation for a recent online campaign against Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy from some of the rougher corners of the alt right. The charges against the women are silly (I thought I saw someone confidently "exposing" her one eighth Indian ancestry somewhere); I read them, even of Ms Southern's swarthy sojourn, which is a shame don't get me wrong, and I think who are these young men going to hell over this? These guys are going to have to toughen up in the future, because their future is toughening up all the time.

One of the charges against the women is that they're overrated, as we'd expect attractive women in a movement with few of them to be.  I don't doubt it; I think the praise premium by which men overrate the intelligence of attractive women (about ten IQ points) is exceeded in constancy only by white liberals' same application in favor of blacks (about fifteen).

But even if its true, the women are not overrated in what they bring to the movement in charm and grace. I haven't followed either closely, but as far as I can tell Southern has done some fairly brave reporting in the field and McCarthy's podcast is one of the better ones (I've only recently started paying attention to them).
You need women. It helps if they're attractive. Even if they are overrated they are not really; they bring something to the table no man can. They broaden the appeal of ideas only kept underfoot by being made to look unappealing.